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“It is our goal to fulfill the holistic medical needs of our community by providing a comforting environment for people to heal their bodies, nourish their spirit, and receive thoughtful, kind and highly skilled acupuncture services.”

How we started...

"My journey to become a practitioner of Chinese Medicine began as it has for many, by having a profound first hand experience with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. My interest in health and medicine began as far back as childhood supported by a keen curiosity for the 'unknown'. My undergraduate degree in Psychology with minors in Health Science, Sociology, and Anthropology prepared me well for pursuing my dream of becoming an acupuncturist. With a background of working in public schools, therapeutic wilderness programs, hospitals and health stores, I've seen the transformative influences of nature on our health as well as the necessity of a true healer to be willing to 'take the journey' with the patient in order to guide them to their highest level of healing."

-Candace Burnikel, L.Ac. and Owner

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